Oculo-auriculo-vertebral spectrum with craniosynostosis and osteo-cartilagineous multiple defects: a diffuse chondro-membranous-osteo-dysplasia

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Agostino Berio *
Giacomo Garlaschi
Giuseppe Mangiante
Attilia Piazzi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Agostino Berio | agostinoberio@ospedale-gaslini.ge.it


We report on a female with oculo-auriculo-vertebral spectrum, low height, and on X-ray lambdoid suture synostosis, cerebral cyst/mild holoprosencephalia and cholesteatoma, and multiple abnormalities of bones of chondral origin. On the right side, maxillary, mandibular bones, external auditory canal, middle ear were hypoplastic as well as semicircular canal, cranial base, bones vestibule. On the left side, coclea, timpanic cavity, mastoid antrum were hypoplastic, while stapes was misshapen. Limbs bones were slender with thin metaphyses and some carpal bones were absent. Hand second phalanx was hypoplastic and fifth finger presented clynodactily. Lambdoid synostosis expressed membranous ossification abnormality. We hypothesize that during the blastogenesis a mutation of a factor responsible for abnormal generalized endochondral and connectival ossification (possibly fibroblast growth factor receptor) occurs.

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