Paediatric surgery in the robotic era: early experience and comparative analysis

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Mario Lima
Eduje Thomas
Neil Di Salvo
Tommaso Gargano *
Giovanni Ruggeri
(*) Corresponding Author:
Tommaso Gargano |


The aim of this study is to present our preliminary experience in robotics and a comparative analysis with conventional Minimally- Invasive Surgery (MIS). Cases operated by da Vinci Xi® System from February 2016 to October 2017 are reviewed retrospectively through demographics, diagnosis-procedure and short-term outcome parameters. A comparison with a matching conventional MIS population was also conducted. 40 robotic procedures were carried out and 112 (out of 3705) non-robotic procedures met inclusion criteria for comparison. Among robotic patients we observed: an average age of 143.5 months, weight of 42.9 Kg, operative and anaesthesia induction time respectively of 116.8 and 34.8 minutes. Furthermore, we observed a 6.1-day length of stay, 2.5% conversion rate and no complications. From the comparison between the groups, no statistical difference emerged in the length of stay, in conversion rates or in complications. A statistical significance was observed in terms of operative time in favour of non-Robotic- System. Our experience has meant to introduce the System in our surgical environment, comparing to the conventional MIS (an already established approach routinely performed at our center). Results have shown comparable safety and feasibility.

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