Robot-assisted thoracoscopic repair of a late-onset Bochdalek hernia: a case report

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Mario Lima
Niel Di Salvo *
Sara Ugolini
Michele Libri
Giovanni Ruggeri
(*) Corresponding Author:
Niel Di Salvo |


Bochdalek hernia (BH) is a major malformation that consists of a postero-lateral diaphragmatic defect through which abdominal contents can migrate into the thorax. It is most commonly a neonatal pathology associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Rarely, this type of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) presents later in life, some even in adulthood. Indications for surgery are not clear even though the majority of authors, being aware of the possible severe complications, recommend surgical correction in all cases. Many surgical approaches have been tried for this pathology, both open (laparotomic or thoracotomic) and minimally invasive (laparoscopic or thoracoscopic). We report a case of a late-onset BH corrected with a robot-assisted thoracoscopic procedure. The use of robotic technology for CDH has never been described to date.

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