Surgery for distal hypospadias: what about the catheter?

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Maria-Grazia Scarpa *
Giordano Perin
Massimo Di Grazia
Daniela Codrich
Federica Pederiva
Edoardo Guida
Maria Antonietta Lembo
Antonio Giannotta
Jürgen Schleef
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maria-Grazia Scarpa |


No agreed recommendations exist for timing of urethral stent removal, after distal hypospadias surgery. We compared our preliminary case series with outcomes from literature: 18/44 patients were treated with catheter and 26/44 without it. The surgical outcome was comparable in the two groups. After hypospadias surgery, the main advantage of the immediate postoperative catheter removal was the shorter hospital stay without negatively affecting the care and home management.

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