Epidemiological survey on urinary incontinence in school population in Verona (Italy)

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D. Benini *
G. De Stefano
S. Provera
C. Pizzini
A. Deganello
(*) Corresponding Author:
D. Benini | daniela.benini@sacrocuore.it


The authors tried to estimate the prevalence of urinary incontinence in children between 6 and 13/14 years by administering an anonymous questionnaire to students of primary and secondary 1° schools of the City of Verona. The disorder is found to be present only at night in 1.9% (male) - 0.6% (females) in the elementary school; also in daytime in 2% (males) - 1.3% (females) in the elementary school and 0.7% (male) - 1.2% (females) in the middle school; only in daytime in 2,7% (males) – 3,5% (females) in the elementary school and 2% (male) – 3,3% (females) in the middle school. These data may be underestimated by the low adhesion to the survey by adolescents.

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